Wednesday evenings and Sundays will be on RealBridge until further notice. 

There will be Thursday afternoon face to face events with FAB (Friendly Afternoon Bridge) and Stroud Bridge Club face to face sessions alternating. 

Further details from Nigel (see Contact us)


If you are wanting to know who is on standby, what event we are playing and who is directing and hosting on any given week then you can:

View the timetable here.

Franceska who organises the standbys, and all the hosts and directors can change the timetable so let one of them know if you need something changed or added.  Thank you to all the standbys and the hosts and directors who freely give their time to make this all work.




Until further notice on RealBridge we will be playing:

Teams on the first Wednesday of the month (contact Nigel to put your name down)

IMPs scored pairs on the second Wednesday of the month

Matchpoint scored pairs on the third and fourth Wednesday of the month

If there is fifth Wednesday we will play IMPs scored pairs.

There may be a Special Event some time in December, whether it will be online or face to face will depend on the state of the pandemic.