Club Programme 2018


The following colour code applies

Playing for the first Wednesday of the month Cup

Playing for the Winter Pairs Cup

Playing for the Autumn Pairs Cup

Playing for The Pairs, IMP scoring, Cup

Special event


3rd January pairs 24 boards 

10th January  Pairs 24 boards

17th January  Pairs 27 boards

24th January AGM at 6.40 followed by Pairs with IMP scoring

31st January 5th Wednesday Teams

7th February pairs, 24 boards

14th February  pairs , 24 boards (qualifying for Ace of Clubs)

21st February Pair, 27 boards(qualifying for County Pairs)

28th February Pairs with IMP scoring, 27 boards

7th March pairs 24 boards

14th March  pairs, 24 boards

21st March Pairs, 27 boards

28th March Pairs with IMP scoring

4th April pairs 24 boards

11th April Pairs, 24 boards

18th April Pairs, 27 boards

25th April Pairs with IMP scoring

2rd May pairs, 24 boards

9th May  pairs, 24 boards

16th May Pairs, 27 boards

23rd May Pairs with IMP scoring

30th May 5th Wednesday Teams Cup

6th June pairs 24 boards



13th June- 15th August Playing for the Summer Change partners Cup


22nd August Pairs with IMP scoring

29th August 5th Wednesday Teams

5th September pairs, 24 boards

12th September  pairs, 24 boards

20th September Pairs, 27 boards

27th September Pairs, 27 boards, with IMP scoring 

3rd October pairs, 24 boards

10th October Pairs, 24 boards

17th October Pairs, 27 boards

24th October Pairs

, 27 boards, with IMP scoring

31st October 5th Wednesday Teams

7th November pairs, 24 boards

14th November  pairs, 24 boards

21st November Pairs, 27 boards

28th November Pairs, 27 boards, with IMP scoring

5th December Christmas party and Individual competition

12th December  pairs, 24 boards

19th December  pairs, 25 boards

26th December Club closed